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Exalt Global prides itself as a One-Stop Labor solution for our clients in Malaysia especially Sabah and Sarawak. Therefore, when you come to us for professional man power and human resources especially in Oil & Gas Industries and some other industries – we will provide it. 

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Our Vision

Gives the best and recognized by international services.

Our Mission

We are commited in provide unsurpassed service to assist organisational & individual to meet their employment requirements.

Our Goals

To provide the best recruitment experience for offshore jobs

History Overview

Prior to the establishment of the company, Managing Director and business partner had started operating in 2015 as ‘freelance’ from home. The field of work is to manage and monitor all matters pertaining to work permit for Sabah and Sarawak.  Foreign workers & local Malaysia in accordance with the law stipulated by the Sabah and Sarawak State Government.

On July 21, 2016, a company named Exalt Global Trading was established. The main purpose of the company’s establishment is because the services provided are in high demand as well as the growing business. In the meantime, companies are opening employment opportunities to local youths. After the establishment of Exalt Global Trading that started as a managing agent, now the company has begun to embark on a move to further develop in oil and gas industries and also marine businesses in new water which is new and comparable to advanced technology and more challenging.

Exalt Global is the best recruitment agency in Malaysia. We offer a great deal of hiring opportunities.

Exalt Global has a list of high quality employees readied to help your business. Fill up your employment queries below, and we will solve your employment problem.

Exalt Global is receiving thousands of job vacancy in Malaysia from companies of all aspects. Being the best job agency in Malaysia, we will be able to match your expectations with the companies. And finally provides the best job for you.

By sending your resume with us, you will have a better chance and opportunity to be engaged by big corporations. Most big companies are outsourcing their recruitment to us to find for their ideal workers, which might be you.

Submit your resume now and we will recommend you with the most suitable job for you. We match your skills and personalities for your career.

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Extensible relationships through empowered web-readiness. Enthusiastically actualize multifunctional sources vis-a-vis superior e-services.

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