Our Vision

Gives the best and recognized by international services.

Our Mission

We are commited in provide unsurpassed service to assist organisational & individual to meet their employment requirements.

Our Value

Corporate compliance, Customer satisfaction, Integrity, Loyal relationship.


Why Choose Exalt Global

Exalt Global prides itself as a One-Stop Labor solution for our clients in Malaysia especially Sabah and Sarawak. Therefore, when you come to us for any type of human resource solution or local worker outsourcing service especially in Oil and Gas Industry – we will provide it. Simply state your requirements and leave the rest to us.

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Our Core Services

Work Permit

Apply and manage working permit for the whole Malaysia especially  Sabah and Sarawak

Rental Service

Cater to our clients whom are in need of transportation, office space and warehouses.

Manpower Supply

A dedicated team to supply manpower and employees, according to your needs.


Underwater Cleaning, Water, Sewage Tanks and Equipment Maintenance.

Worker Found Job

Companies Got Workers

Received Job Application

Partnering Compannies

Always happy clients over the years

Our Happy Testimonials

The perfect choice for employer and Malaysia local worker.

We Support Your Worker Recruitment Service

Your No.1 Worker Recruitment Service in Malaysia.

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Exalt Global is the best recruitment agency in Malaysia. We offer a great deal of hiring opportunities.

Exalt Global has a list of high quality employees readied to help your business. Fill up your employment queries below, and we will solve your employment problem.

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Exalt Global is receiving thousands of job vacancy in Malaysia from companies of all aspects. Being the best job agency in Malaysia, we will be able to match your expectations with the companies. And finally provides the best job for you.

Submit your resume now and we will recommend you with the most suitable job for you. We match your skills and personalities for your career.